The Snow Leopard CNC Ice Router!

Coming Soon

  • We've been listening to you, and what you want to see in an Ice Machine.
  • An All-New CNC Ice Carving Experience!
  • Designed from the ground-up, for a fusion of Xtreme Productivity with Xceptional Creativity
  • Sleek, Fast, and Powerful.
  • DashX is working with Mizera Machining Innovations Inc to create a New Generation of CNC Ice Routers
  • Redesigned from the ground up
  • HUGE Z-Travel 26" !
    • Turn blocks sideways and engrave the edges
    • No need to change the position of the spindle
    • Never waste time again unbolting, adjusting, squaring, and rebolting your spindle - Just jog it up or down those extra few inches that you never had before!
  • Lower maintenance
    • Precision gearboxes
    • No chains to tighten
    • No sprockets to come loose
  • Easy to replace partsSnow Leopard Ice CNC
  • Protected rails
  • Laser-cut frame
  • Powered by the amazing new Infinite ∞ controller!

Tell us what features you want to see in the New Generation of Ice Routers.