About Us

DashX - Xpect Xceptional

DashX is an Xpert in the CNC industry, with over 10 years of experience!


  • DashX is committed to providing Xceptional service and products.
  • We will push the limits for to provide Xtreme products, designs, and service.
  • We will fulfill our mission with honesty and integrity.


Mike Dash Mike Dash is the president of DashX.  He is an Electronics Engineering Technologist, having received his 8+ years of training at every major technical school in Calgary Alberta, including the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), the University of Calgary, and DeVry Institute of Technology. 
He has engineered CNC systems from the smallest of mills used for precise jewelry work, to the largest of CNC routers used for making entire houses.
His troubleshooting skills are extraordinary; often solving problems for clients in less than ten minutes.
He is an expert trainer, having worked as an instructor for over six years.

Learn more about Mike Dash at LinkedIn.

Company News

New Location

DashX's head office is now in Brisbane, Australia!
DashX will continue to support its North American clients through our Calgary Canada branch, and through remote support, Skype, e-mail, and partners in Canada.
We hope to expand our Australian and European market as we settled in to Brisbane.


DashX is Featured in an AdviceInIce article.


The orders for The Infinite ∞ Controller are pouring in - Get your order in now, before the wait-list grows too long!

Snow Leopard

Prototyping of the Snow Leopard has begun! Stay tuned for updates on its release. (Sorry, we are not taking pre-orders at this time).